Cubana's Smoothie Hit The Spot!

The fruit smoothies are great!

Nice to put some faces to the names to the bikes.

Cool venue,

We need a couple out a bit further so we can ride from one to the other.

Any ideas?

How many people was that smoothie ment for?

Leave him alone, Vinnie’s a growing lad who needs his vitamins!

Yes, good question! That jar was a bit too big eh Vinnie? lol

There’s another venue that LB is contacting that is a bit further so we can have a nice ride. It’s not being easy to actually find somewhere that want to take the risk of noise … I have been turned down for at least 7 venues by now. Cubana’s is still on probation as the owner doesn’t want noise there at all, due to his licence limitations.

In the end everything will ok!

Mmmm, very nice smoothies!