Cubana - Tomorrow Night

Hi fellow members , just a quick line to see who is going to Cubana tomorrow night ( 02/08 ) as it will be my first jaunt up there ( weather permitting ) . I joined LB about 8 months ago after seeing the cameraderie at the Ace , gave myself the username Milleman and then promptly sold my Mille 2 weeks later !!! Really looking forward to tomorrow night and hope to meet a few of the familiar names

Cheers ,

Milleman ( any suggestions for a new user name gratefully received !!! )

The Chuffster should be in town. Still grinning like a cheshire cat from the weekend. Hopefully see you there.

Well stay clear of the names that relate you to any of your bikes is a start!!! (says the Man with R6 in his name) ha ha ha.

Letts hope it stays dry and i will be right up for it!!

yeah, I think ‘RizlaSV’ is pretty much redundant now as well!! I’m also on the scout for a new identity…

catch you at Cubana anyway!

You would think we would be a little more imaginative wouldn’t you !!!

See you tomorrow night with a bit of luck !

Should be there on the little one tomorrow…

Not going to be there tomorrow night, off to the beer festival in Earls Court to laugh at people with funny beards (from last year that applied to men and women ).

I’ve got the day off Thursday so if anyone wants to grab some lunch down at the Ace then let me know.

Have fun guys and gals

Come down MileMan! I should be there. What are you riding now?

Jay ,

About time we finally met up !!!

Got fed up with the Mille so bought a tricked up XJR1300 ( old age has caught me up early !! )

Still got to apply my third set of LB.COM stickers that I pestered you and Cezar for so plan to do that tonight ( should be well practised by now as had 3 sets for 3 bikes in the last 12 months !!! )

Look forward to catching up tomorrow

Cheers !!

i will be there. my name is not very imaginative either…

I may finally turn up this week, depending if someone shows me the way

I’ll be there - as ever!


where are you coming from ?

St. Bernards Nuthouse

Yeah and turning up with the dribbler of the month award !!!

cant help you there then i have no idea where that is!

I,ll meet her…have to …before she wobbles about in a lost state like trance and deminishes the reputation of the whole uk biking community !!!

lol… Somehow I doubt you’re the only one from there.

Anybody going up from the High Wycombe area ? Got myself a route but don’t trust myself to look down at the tank and not hit the number 12 bus from Westminster !!!

cheers ,

Milleman ( for the time being !!! )