Cuban bikers still on their 1950's Harleys, Nortons and BSA's!

Because of the U.S. trade embargo cuban bikers have had to keep their original bikes alive and running for the last forty odd years by cannibalising parts and making new parts up from scratch if they are unavailable - no chopping it in for a new/newer one every few years! Lids off to them for their dedication and ingenuity - truly hardcore bikers! :smiley:

That video was great! :cool:

It’s not just the HD’s & English iron. You see some totally fantastic old MZ’s & CZ’s (never thought I’d say that). Some are totally tricked out others just bog standard but in beautiful original condition. Urals are popular as well, generally with home made sidecars. Once I saw a bicycle that had some kind of pump engine grafted on, very well engineered though!.

But Cuba is not immune to change. 10 years ago you never saw twist and go scooters, now they are everywhere. When I was in Havana at the end of last year I saw my first Japanese sportbike - a CBR6 blasting down the Malecon.

I do recommend a visit to Cuba before it changes totally and do not just go the all inclusives. Once I spent two weeks driving around the Island and it was a real proper adventure.

Nice recommendation Huckero - I’m dusting off my old Che poster as we speak!

Great stuff:w00t:

I remember watching Clarkson’s Motorworld ages ago when he was in Cuba.

Because it’s hard to get brake fluid out there, they make their own from Brown Sugar and VO5 Shampoo:D:D:D

“It’s my pride and part of my life… so is my wife… it’s my second wife… maybe the first!”

Top man, has his priorities well sorted :slight_smile:

I guess if/when the natural resources start running out these guys will have a head start on us in terms of improvisation.