Cuba - motorbike hire

Has anyone been to Cuba? And if so did you hire a motorbike? If so any advice?
Goign in May.


Yeah - have a blinder matey!!!

Found a link that might help

…Motorcycle rentals are not available in Cuba, with the exception of 50-cc “tiddlers.” These scooters were available for rental to tourists in Havana and Varadero. While I was there, Transtur Agency announced the availability of new Yamaha Neo 50’s for rent at the National Hotel of Cuba (in Havana). The rate was US$7.00 per hour to US$20.00 per day. A second rental site near Havana was across the street from the Hotel Panamercana in Villa Panamencana where rentals were 50-cc’s scooters for US$25.00 per day, plus a US$50.00 deposit (Telephone number 951093). If you made the rental for 8 days or more the daily rate was US$21.00. Neither rental agency would take credit cards issued from USA banks, nor did any car rental agency, US dollars only. Foreign issued credit cards were acceptable.’…

If the bikes are anything like the cars then you’ll be lucky to get anything younger than a 1953 Norton!!!:smiley:

Thanks Gixergooner, interesting reading but looks like we may nto be riding bikes on our trip…:wink:

I see where BMW claims that motorcycle cops in CUBA ride BMWs and so you need to mug someone and hang a round and wait for the cops so you can get a ride. or you could offer a bribe to some motorcycle cop.

Look at

Where are you staying in Cuba ? I travelled to the Cayos a couple of years back, got to ride a horse but no bikes ! Such a stunning place the people are great, the beaches amazing would love to go back :smiley:

LOL - That’s the first thing that came into my head too!

Been to Cuba about five or six times in the last 12 years. Drove round it once. You can hire bikes, Suzi DRZ400’s, not cheap evidently and I don’t know who from. Try googling it - MZ’s & Jawas are the standard bikes, though twist and goes are now popular in Havana. Last time I was there saw a 600 Sportsbike - the first one I’d ever seen there. the Cuban Police ride Yam 500 Virago’s as they only have to outrun Ladas. :smiley:
Best advice is to get the Italian map of Cuba - It’s the most detailed. Beware there are very few road signs and directions.
The roads can be very bad, especially out in the campo. But it’s worth the discomfort.
Personally I say visit Santiago - a real funky town and musical hotspop . The Sierra Maestra mountains are fun. Trinidad is a tourist trap but very nice tourist trap.
Avoid Varadero like the plague. Spend at least some time In Havana and go to the Casa de Musica’s there to see the top local bands. Pupi Y Que Son Son, Los Van Van, Bamboleo, Manolito Simonet, Charanga Habanera, Sur Caribe etc.

Thinking back the DRZ400’s were being ridden by a load of Italians that I bumped into in Guamaguy I asked where they got the bikes and they said they were on a organized tour and had got the the bikes there. But where? Looking at the web it seems to say no (large) bikes are available for Island wide hire anywhere.
There seems to be a Danish company that will ship Harleys out there and back! Argghhh Hardly Rideables on those roads?
The Russians built a “motorway” from Havana to the east but it just kind of peters out and now the farmers use it dry their rice on.

Hi! I’m going to Cuba this December and would love to explore it with a motorcycle. Do You know any place I could rent one? I’m staing in Varadero and don’t want to spend whole 2 weeks over there:/ Greetings from Poland, Dorota:)