Cuabana Faithfull

Good to see a few faces out at Cubana tonight even though it was wet.

Thank you to all those that remembered their documents for the Aviva Weekend and those that didnt then I,ll be last calling them next Wednesday at the same place and to hand out you routes and schedule packs.

Nice seeing the New Faces too !!

Thanks again to Matt and Macp for the effort they have put in form me !!

nice to meet you too Barro…and nothing like Bob or Phil !

it was good seeing everyone out last night as well…

not even gonna mention names - too many but Salee and Mad Liz - what luvly ladies - even M9Performance made a show…

Sorry i didn’t make it folks but the way I’m feeling right now I was very likely to get violent at someone after the **** I have been told by different people so I stayed away

I will have words soon when I have calmed down!

Unhappy Lmrr

I’ll be there next Wednesday to get my pack and routes etc Woohoo! Excited now

All good fun was had by all nice to see peep’s I got pi$$d wet through but oh what a nite a good time was had the coffee is the mutzzzzzz I will be back 4 more

it was good to go in the rain! didnt hang around too long, whos going tommorrow?

I’ll be there, come rain or shine! Hopefully shine!