Miss Vanda perchance :smiley:

could be any number of the lb whores :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Westie? :kiss:

Your wife’s?

Jane Birkin’s?

Nope… The girl is a skinny little thing… She doesn’t do the nice full sexy lips trick…:w00t:

Now thinking about it further… This is not a bad guess as those lips usually come with a bigger than most posterior… But MissVanda is the exception to the rule… All Ass, no lips!!!

I do not have a wife anymore…
And my long time living partner/ mum of my beautiful daughter is not in the country and neither does she have lips like that…

You’ve been kissing the mirror again haven’t you . . . :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

I do hope for your sake that the owner of these lips does not read what you’ve just said about her " 'arris " :w00t:

Ok , one last guess … Are they Gabbys’ ???

Now I am not going on your description at all but I am gonna guess again and say Day Release?

If they were open about an inch +/- then I might of had a chance at guessing whose they belong to;):w00t:

And the winner is…

I would have never thought that the only one that could read properly would have been Dawn…
Well done girl. Birthday girl it was…
Happy birthday (24hours late) Nisha.