Crushed ZX-10R Dreams

Talk about crushing my dreams. I ahve been saving since August for a lovely 06 Zx-10 in Black - only to find the insurance quotes aer all in the £1,000’s… and thats even for thrid party.

I guess in a few years i may be able to upgrade!!! :hehe:

TBH Mate the K7 1000 I have is the worst bike I have had, would rather have my 750 back. Thou for the road and track is a waste of time and over kill. if you can push it to its limits you have to be a riding god

Ive got the Z750S at the mo - (pics in Profile) gonna play around with this for another year or so (belly pans - undertray/tailtidy - Paint job) and see what i can realistically upgrade to then!

Cant believe my insurance in August is only 200 for this yet so much for a zx! Anyways - such is life! :smiley:

To insure a 1000 I believe you need to be very old and own a fortified garage in a nice location.

TBH - if you are planning on changing the 750S next year then I personally wouldn’t bother doing anything to it that isn’t absolutely necessary - only going to be a waste of money and people who will be looking for that kind of bike are not going to be THAT interested in " bling "The paint job will be the biggest waste of cash ( IMO ) Just keep saving and get the 10R when you can !

I obviously made it sounds like i was talking abuot a massive paint job - no i just meant i am having a couple of small panels which at the moment are grey (dont match the fairing colour) so gonna have em sprayed. been quoted only £100.00. which for me, if i am keeping it another year is worth it.


So , with that and this you would have been £200 further down the line to your insurance money for the 10R:Whistling:

You are right, £100.00 on a bag is alot of money (although necessary) - but so is the £300.00 a month I have been saving since August to get my next Ride (which as i have said has now been somewhat smashed).

I think i will carry on saving until August 2009 and see what position i am in then! :slight_smile:

I insured my R6 when I was about 26 for £350 Third Party Only with Carole Nash, for a London address.

Don’t know how old you are, but it might be worth trying one of those price comparisson sites like moneysupermarket.

I just got a quote for a nearly new Fireblade (about £6500), Third Party Fire and Theft, for £275 with Tesco Insurance.

…But I’m 30 now and have 3 years no claims.

Ring around…You might be able to get a quote under £1000

Carole Nash’s initial quote was £18k - fulyl comp mind you - MCN have been able to get it under 800 for TPFT - i wouldnt ever go TPO not living in London - and i am 27. :smiley:

Anyways - think i will save till August! :smiley:

Yeah I wan’t actually saying that TPO or the price I paid from Carole Nash was good.

I was highligting that even to insure an R6, the insurance is silly money. mate…think you’ll be suprised ;)…i hope they give you an awsome quote after being so cocky here :P…but really mate they smashed every quote i had on my bandit 12 lat year when i was 21

Look, I’ve got the garage and I have an insured 1000, but don’t you think you should introduce yourself before calling me “very old” …


Also give H+R insurance a try ( think they also go by insurance2000 ) - I was 30 when I bought my Brand new '07 plated ZX10R and , admittedly I did take a punt at TPFT it was only around £550 from memory with only 1 yrs NCB Gotta be worth a go :wink:

You don’t have to be old. I’m 29 and my Gixxer 1000 was insured for £280 TPFT. Four years NCB at the time though.

+1 . so glad i got rid of my o8 r1 just wish i would of got a gsxr 750 instead of a 600 but summers on its way:D