CRG Levers?

I’m going to get a set of crg levers for my gixxer just can’t make up my mind wether i should go for the short ones or long ones.
I must say i am leaning towards the short ones, i think they look better and won’t hit the floor if the bike tumbles!!

Is there any real diference in performance?

Ive got the Shortys on my R1 and love them, had the long/standard ones on my Gixxer and theres no comparison for me, shortys all the time- better feel.

Nice 1 darbo, i think i will go for the shorties… Nive avitar

nice avatar

i dont know what these are so can you explain what they are please?

CRG is the make the product is brake and clutch levers see pic




They are the daddy of levers. I rate them very highly!

Yea i gotta say people who i have spoken to all rate these levers, and i’m gonna go with your suggestion jay and get em powder coated or anodized black, i get the best of both worlds, very good levers in the colour i want.
Found the levers (gold/short) for $80 (each) from this site
anyone found them cheaper elsewhere? let me know as i am off to the states soon.

You can get through Moto2, who we have a members deal scheme with:

Cheers jay, i’ll pm them now