Crazy Harleys for stage

Hi guys

This is a crazy request… Looking for someone interested in working on a theatre show - I am a theatre director, and I am doing a show called The Daughter of the Regiment. I want to set it in biker territory, - with “The Regiment” being the name of a fictional Biker gang. I am looking for a mechanic, bike enthusiast to make some custom parts of Harleys to be on stage.

Tell you more if anyone is interested in this crazy project.


sounds interesting hopefully there is someone here that can make some bits for you

I would offer myself but im more of a kick the tyre everything seems ok kinda person

Pretty sure that’ll be outside the scope of OMC you might want to give OCC the nod on this one, that’ll be right up their street :wink:

Then again if your offering hard earned there’s few around here that would be up for that

Art, more Paul Jr. as he is more of the artist, me think.


An idea of the complexity and type of parts would help. :wink:

Try a Harley forum?