Crash Protectors

Opinions please;



i got them on the tops from the states and just ordered a pair or R&G for the swing arm pivot £54 them top ones are derlin and go into the mounts

ive seen it before when you have the metal sleeve between the the block and the bike they bend its to weak, its just summin i dont trust rather the protecter sat against summin hard like the top engine mount than an aluminium sleeve…

R&G, proven the world over! And here at LB, heh.

R&G, def the best ones IMHO, i would’nt have any others on my bike personally.

Nice one chaps, R&G it is then.

R&G it it’s gotta be.

Heres the result of a lowside a couple of years ago. Coming onto the A41 from chesham, thought i’d get my knee down, well I certainly did, as well as my arse n elbow. Front end decided to wash out and it seemed to accelerate as it hit the deck. anyway, the little bugger ended up wedged in the armco in the central reservation, doin the right side aswell.

I, however ended up in the middle of the road with cars bearing down on me at 70 plus. Only just managed to leg it out of the way with about 12 inches to spare. Lucky or what?

I still managed to ride her home, despite the gear lever nob end being ripped off. Also the generator cover got mashed and finally gave up the ghost a couple of years later.

Next bike I get will deffo have R&g bungs, but will do fork ends n rear wheel spindle aswell. Hopefully, finances depending, 750 k6 this year.



Having seriously crash tested the R&G bungs last weekend at Snetterton, I can say that they hold up very well. The bike went down at around 100 on one side, it flipped over onto the other. The bungs are fine, the bolts bent slightly but if you had seen the bouncing the bike did you would understand why.

I would never ever go with crash bobbins that fit into engine mounts, not after the trouble I had with the last ones.

I have R&G’s on my F-Sport but I haven’t thrown it down the road to see if they work yet lol