Court Summons - Proper Legal Advice Needed!

I mentioned this in a topic earlier in the year and I thought it had faded away until I got home last night and found myself in receipt of a court summons, for allegedly driving without due care and attention and failing to stop when required.

Obviously, I can’t say too much here except that I am not guilty. The person who has pressed these charges is a cyclist and claims to have been knocked, or pushed off his bike. All I can say is that if this cyclist came off his bike, it was because of his own actions or lack of cycling proficiency, nevertheless I now have to go to court and defend myself against this idiot.

Can anyone recommend a good solicitor? A really good one?


Come on… SOME-body must know one!

Anyone know anything about I’m sure I saw it advertised (or sponsering) somewhere on this site.

tap in RSS into our directory (search box above), they’re BRILLIANT at what they do.

Yes, rider support will be able to give you the right advice, and they are a law firm too… Good luck with this one fella.

Rider Support Services

2 Deodar Road

Putney London

SW15 2NN

Tel 0208 246 4900

[email protected]

I contacted RSS. They were helpful and came across as very professional, although it’s not the sort of thing they deal with themselves, but the free advice they gave me was simple, blindingly obvious and 100% useful…

Contact a Citizen’s Advice Bureau, local to the court for which your summons applies and ask for a recommendation of a local solicitor that works in the area and is very familiar with that particular court.

Once it’s pointed out to you it’s obvious… you could have the best solicitor in the world but local knowledge can make all the difference.

DanCBR did also suggest CAB, but it was the local thing that RSS highlighted that switched the light on.

Anyway thanks for all help & suggestions. I’ll keep you posted.

PM Sent with some good points of interest for you Fella !!.

Good luck Mate keep us updated

Will do. Have just found a solicitor very close to the court and going to see him next week.

good luck gadget,…don’t worry too much-cyclists don’t go down too well in court either.

good luck x x