Couples wanted for TV documentary

Got this by email the other day, looks like it could be fun…

Couples wanted for TV documentary
A reputable London television production company is developing an enquiring and quirky documentary to be shown on British TV about people in the UK who share a bed every night (whether bikers or not!), looking at the myriad of behaviours we deal with while falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up each morning beside a partner.
Mixing light-hearted humour and serious analysis, it’ll explore the daily routines and realities of sharing a bed with another person, revealing much that is important - and much perhaps that isn’t so important - about sleep, relationships and modern British society.
We’re now looking for couples who might be interested in taking part in this documentary. We’d like to feature a wide-ranging mix of normal, everyday people with both very ordinary and highly unusual stories to tell, some about health and happiness, some concerning sickness and sadness, all of which in some way reveal a different facet of what it means to share a bed in the UK today.
To find out more, go to - we look forward to hearing from you!