Couple of cleaning tips

used this trick yesterday.worked a treat.:smiley:

Worth a bump :wink:

lol, nice one afro - gonna do my downpipes this week!

Wow I added something so constructive and useful it’s been bump. My purpose in live has been served, time to retire. :smiley:

I’m sure there is some good stuff here and I’m making notes in case I need it.

But what is this “Bike” and “Cleaning” stuff in the same sentence all about?

It’s what blokes do on a rainy day when they’re not getting “arranging” and “flowers” in the same sentence:P

Quality snipe, as ever, Jetstream.

Extrapolation: If I’ve decided to give up blokes/flowers/arranging, can I also give up bike/me/cleaning?

You’re giving up blokes ?:unsure:

If the weather’s rubbish this weekend I think I might give the bike a good scrub and polish too