Couple of cleaning tips

Thought I would share these as they do work:

  1. Stainless steel (headers, downpipes etc.), aluminium kitchen foil and vinegar. Works a treat. Image below shows mine, the right pipe was done the left was justed washed.

  2. Tar spots can be removed with a cotton bud, and baby oil.


I think you rubbed the other 2, miles to much, they’ve totaly disappeared :smiley:

Heres one for you- although not strictly cleaning.

To avoid overspray when spraying lube on your chain, get a 4 pint plastic milk carton (empty) and cut a slot through it so the chain can pass through it and you spray the lube down the neck of the bottle:)

well as you done a good job on yours and never seem to work, ya wanna do mine ? :slight_smile:

autosol! :stuck_out_tongue:

My choice too but Kevsta obviously watches too much Kim ‘n’ Aggie :wink:

Good tips there Kev and chunks…thanks

not that you ever clean you bike :stuck_out_tongue:

Another Chunky tip:D

If you enjoy the odd burnout or two;)

Smear a thin film of vasaline over the underside of your tail.

Stuck on rubber splats usually take ages to clean off but will just wipe off with a cloth.

(I got this tip when I overheard Terry telling Tug he had covered his tail in the stuff);):smiley:

That’s a very worrying read :P;)

Thought I’d wake you up…lol;):smiley:

Autosol is good, but found I got a better result by cleaning of the crude with the vinegar first. What the hell is Kim ‘n’ Aggie, sounds like a deep south rednek couple. :w00t:

Certainly but my hourly rate is rather like Chunky - frightening :smiley:

harpic limescale remover works a treat on downpipes

Can someone come round and do mine please!

all about chemistry :slight_smile: most of organic acids will do, careful with industrial discalers though! :w00t:

WD-40 will remove tar easily, not to mention sticky gunk left from labels and stickers and such.

The you wash it to remove the WD40.

Baby wipes clean all the brake dust and chain lube off of wheels easily.

Tesco Value ones are a bit small and thin, whereas Morrisons ones are thick and much larger. Also good for cleaning your hands in the garage when you have no access to soap and water. And babies arses.

I used to use Mr SHeen to get a really good shine and a protective film over the tank and fairings - now that I’m actually getting paid i shell out for the Autoglym stuff - good EVERYWHERE (other than brakes of course) and takes oil and tar off as if it wasnt there!


Fantastic tip, Thank you chunky Im gonna go lube up!!!