Could London Just Collapse Into Itself?

Sitting on the tube this morning, and I thought, with all the underground tunnels etc, why doesn’t the whole city just collapse into a big hole? Whats keeping it all upright? Pretty much every square mile over the city has tunnels running underneath it. Hmmm, interesting.

Yeah, ok I was bored & Metro wasn’t doing it for me this morning…or any morning for that matter.:smiley:

That’s a pleasant thought for the day :slight_smile:

Along with how many of you have had your names, address, date of birth and bank details given to a crim by the govt ! :w00t:

Good point, I thnk thats the pressing concern for the day. Eejits, I don’t trust the post office to send stuff I sell on Fleabay, why some civil cervant thinks it’s ok to just bung a stamp on something like that beggars belief.Anyway, don’t they have these machines that can transfer data instantly…I think they are called computers :w00t:

Normally because foundations go around and far deeper than the tunnels or pipe-work.

I’ve always wondered why we don’t start building underground like the Japanese are starting to do, or why we don’t have a big dome over London so we’re not affected by bad weather. A bit like in 2000AD.

dont worry about the tubes and service tunnels, they get checked and repaired, its all the disused tunnels and sewers that might collapse!!

and when cross rail starts and the try to tunnel under over and between existing tunnels etc how much chaos will that cause!!!

now im really worried!!!:w00t::w00t:

I’d be at BMM every week if that were the case;):smiley:

I dont worry about things like that as i ride to work so i wont get crushed.

I reckon that as long as we keep the tubes packed with people, then if the tunnels do collapse at least there’ll be something in them to hold them up a little :smiley:

let’s go just that little bit further, & cover the entire UK!.
imagine that!.

Frankly, if most of tower hamlets and the east end was swallowed up by a big hole, along with many of the crap buildings around waterloo to Victoria, I dont think anyone would bat an eyelid. Some of the buildings around that area are only fit for a bulldozer anyway.

Just how much of london would you like to bulldoze?? Me probably about 60% of it and start again. Get rid of all those post war system built jobbies and start from scratch!! :wink:


After reading this thread I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight now for staring at the ceiling:P

Just spreading Christmas Cheer :smiley:


i live in teh east!..tho yeah most of it is a craphole, unless your a trendy hoxtonite;)

why dont they do somthing with all teh old abandoned tube stations?

Mornington Crescent! :stuck_out_tongue:

what is that now? i heard it changed!

theres holborn, aldgate, loads of tunnels, back in my graffiti days i knew some right nutters that used to walk tunnels, they found some intresting stuff down there.:wink:

“Interesting stuff” tell us more…was it like that movie Creep?

East London rules, wash your mouth out…

yeah, i caught that film on telly a little while ago, i was more intrested in teh footage of the tunnels etc than the plot line:P

i cant say too much, but yes some manhole covers hide more than a sewer pipe!

and as someone else said there are heaps of tunnels running under london, even underground tube yards/sidings (where they lay up the tubes at night).

there are some you can go on tours round, but since 9/11 and 7/7 thats all stopped for obvious reasons, much like why i cant say too much!:slight_smile: have a look on google, youd be suprised, facisnates me!:smiley:

oh yes…

Places like Notting Hill should go for a start. get rid of all those “beautiful people” who move in to an area & jack up the house prices.