Cost to service you Motorbike

How much do you folks pay to service your motorbike? Mine costs 250 pounds and I thought maybe I should check if I am being lucky or ripped off :slight_smile:

What do you get for your 250 hard earned? Itemise the parts and how many hours labour.

My last service was a 8,000 mile full service and included: coolant, engine oil, oil filter, front tyre, and sundries. Total cost for parts £110, labour charge for fitting the tyre was £10, the rest of the labour I do myself but to be fair a workshop would probably be charging around 2.5 hours labour at £60 per hour and at least 30% more for the parts which would bring the cost to around £300 or more.

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What NT said.

I have an SV which cost about £180 last time but you can see everything on it. I have a Honda Deauville which has to more or less be dismantled for a service so I’d be expecting a bill north of your price!

Usually around £160 for a minor and £250 for a major service. Labour rates are around £80 an hour.

You’ll pay more at a branded garage - but if your bike is newish, you might find you need to use them to maintain your warantee.

If it’s a bit older, then a local garage will usually be cheaper.

Word of mouth - ref the standards and prices of a garage are worth a lot imho, but no guarantee. Post up and your location and make and age of bike and someone may be able to recommend somewhere nearish.

What ever Chiswick Honda decide to charge me. Usually between 2 and 5 hundred. There is cheaper out there but I like the convenience and the stamps.

16k major service, £1000 a year
minor service myself ~£80 at a guess

It’s the tyres that really add up though!

Just had the annual service on my toy, at just under 17k miles. I asked them to do some extra checks too.
Total was £619. £191 was labour, £310 was a replacement front disc and associated bolts slightly warped, £58 was a pair of front pads, £35 engine oil.

The Goldwing is in today. Full service, change all the fluids and do the brake pads.

What’s it going to cost me?

A 2nd hand cg125?


Probably! £600 on the nose!


Actually they are more. I’m fairly certain they weren’t much more brand new!!