Cost of puncture repair?


Would anyone be able to tell me what I should be paying (labour time) a motorcycle dealer to remove wheel and repair a puncture? (Nail through central part of back wheel of Fazer 600)


think i paid £12 last time.

go to a motorcycle tyre place rather than a motorbike shop.

where you based?

+1 they’ll be much cheaper, and the service will be faster

as already said between £10.00 - £15.00 sounds about right to me.

Cheers for replies

Not sure how to tackle this one

Repair was done couple o weeks ago by family run main dealer I bought bike from, fairly recently. I phoned them just before they closed one eve and they said they could slot my bike between their others in the workshop if I came in the next morning (nail lodged but tyre not loosing air)
Cost was 45 +Vat. They seemed quite full with bikes they were working on, that morning.

Realise this is a simple job, but don’t have the experience or facilities to DIY.
Based near Cricklewood

Where do you go to get that kind of price?

SRS in Hammersmith charged me £35 to plug a rear tire :frowning:

Cheers guys for info

I’ve continued this with a new topic/question

Same problem for me, £20 at Essential Rubber. Job done !

fwr £17.50 top job

Garret, as said a tyre place, universal in union st se1 £12

watlings much the same.

though i do take my wheels off and take it to em.

£45+VAT!!! Sounds like they did the usual ‘hour + VAT’ rate.

I’ve used Chasbikes, Essential Rubber & FWR for puncture repairs in the past … all around the £12-15 mark.



first of all it is spelt TYRE and i think they mugged you at that price.

Wraysbury Tyres in Chertsey plugged an Avon Storm for me - £17.

Thank you peeps for all the info.

Found a small workshop up in Barnet mentioned on LB. Owner seemed a good bloke. Busy with customers bikes, always a good sign. Gave me business card and will do call outs if necessary. And quoted a fair price for puncture repair :slight_smile: Also does servicing/repairs/MOT