Cost of changing an exhaust?

Does anyone know what the labour charge is on changing an exhaust? I just don’t have the time, tools and space to do it myself. Does anyone know how much a London garage will charge for this? Also anywhere near islington?

Cheers in advance.

To note I have all the pieces.

is it the complete system, or just the end can, have tools and garage here if you want

Just the can. Should only take a few minutes, there’s nothing wrong with the existing one so everything is in shape.

DIY in most cases.

well, all you need to sort out, is the time, night worker here, so awake anytime from noon onwards till around 9pm, or all day/night fri/sat/sun, just let us know, will give you a hand if need be, and you’ll probably get offered a coffee too:laugh:

even have a hacksaw if you wanna cut it down some:D

Where you based?

grays in essex, a 15 min blat up the A13, 2nd turn off after the M25/dartford bridge, send us a pm if you want the address, unless you have one of wasp’s cards, in which case its on there

Sorry I didn’t get round to this. Been busy recently. You still up for this sometime? I could really do with getting that exhaust on.

sure, just pm me