Cornmarket insurance -- stay away!

I have a third-party only policy for my Monster 821 with Cornmarket insurance.
Clean record, 9Y NCB and IAM Advanced driver qualification.
I contacted Cornmarket to ask for a quote to amend my existing policy to cover for my (possible) new bike: a Monster 1200S. They refused. This for a third-party only policy.
But they were happy to try to sell me a new policy….

Adding an additional bike isn’t really a amendment, like putting a different exhaust on or changing the suspension.
Not all underwriters cover multi-bike policies.

changing bikes or adding to the stable?

Odd. Cornmarket were fine when I swapped Fazer a couple of years ago. Swapped policy to new bike and added old bike as second bike. Then basically paid extra to cover new bike for remaining months on policy plus admin shite. I did have to remove my wife as named rider though - apparently, you can’t have a multi-bike policy with a named rider. Guess that’s to stop ‘insurance fronting’. And couldn’t start a second policy, so you can only apply NCD to one policy at a time…

I personally found Cornmarket way cheaper than anyone else for my old Fazer. But I’ve certainly heard friends get denied on high-value bikes in some North and East London postcodes. Particularly big BMW GS’s in the Enfield / Chingford area.

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All depends on the underwriter, not the insurer. I had Bennetts refuse to add a Yamaha wr450 to my policy after removing a Honda CB600F.

I’ve used Cornmarket for about 15 years for both car and bike policies. I’ve found their customer service to be excellent, probably the best of any company I’ve ever used.

changing not adding bike