Cornish TT Pictures...

Well, I’m back folks. Had a great two weeks in Cornwall, even though some of it was spent waiting for bike spares after being forced off the road by a foreigner! It merely meant there was more time to indulge in pastie and Cornish ales… :stuck_out_tongue:

First some before and after pics of the damage to the bike after my tumble down a Cornish hillside… :crazy:

Here’s the damaged screen, fairing, indicator and footpeg…

After the new Screen, footpeg, indicators and a Cornish Bandaid (black nasty and a Kernow sticker!) :smiley:

Cornish Bandaid…

New and old footpeg…

Some more fun pics of the journey… :slight_smile:

Watergate Bay, on the way to Newquay…

Lands End… :cool:

Cap’n Jaspers in Plymouth Barbican… Home of the “Half a Yard of Hotdog”… :D:P

Of course, I had to try one! :w00t:

More pictures to follow over the next few days when I’ve downloaded them from my phone etc…

By the way, I also bumped into Stacey “TattoistChic” whilst down there, and she’s only gone and turned into a bloody janner! She’s got a proper janner accent and everything, even down to pronouncing pastie “PAAARSTIEEEE” and Plymouth as “PLYMUFF”… :stuck_out_tongue:

eeeeekkkk no i havent :stuck_out_tongue:
was great seeing ya :wink:

Think i know where i’ll be stopping next time i’m down that way…:Whistling:

Fixed that for you Stace… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Great pics RR, good to see another black 929 doing the rounds :cool:

Nice photos Nath, but we were hoping for a glimpse of the Cornish Maiden (and we didn’t think you meant Stacey!):smiley:

Have you got another screen sorted, as I have just sold my 929 and may have a clear screen somewhere in my loft.

Hurray to the Janner…!!!..

theres more of us about than you think…;).


Fixed tha damage now thanks. Managed to get it all sorted for £80… :slight_smile:

No pictures of the Cornish maiden on here Jets, not sure she’d let me! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll second that…