Copying pics back to picture card?

I’ve transferred my pics from my digital camera (just a tiny Olympus mju) to my PC and deleted them from the picture card. Can I copy them back to the card, so I’ve got them in case my PC dies? My default imaging system is Olympus’ own Camedia, but I’ve also somehow acquired Adobe Photoshop.

You should be able to do that easily: with the camera connected to the pc via the firewire or usb cable, you then use My Computer to transfer them back, but this will take room on your memory card and will limit the amount of shots u can take, there are few ways to store your files (external drives are really cheap and they don’t die) or you can store them on line in one of the many free webhosting services one of my favourite is ripway 30mb of free online storage, and they are passworded so no once can see them but you.

Why dont you just put the pics on a cd then you have forever and can load em up whenever you want in any pc you want…

all of the above work well and there are plenty of online picture storage options as stated. for photo software try picasa2 its free to download and easy to use.

I’m transferring my pics to Photobucket as we speak, but I worry about everything, i.e., that site closing down or my forgetting my password, so losing access to them.

Hadn’t thought about a removable hard disk; probably should so I could throw my music on that as well (I’ve only got a tiny PC).

CD? How does this work? What type of a CD do I need to buy? In this three-letter acronym world, it’s easy for a girl to get confused…

just a normal cd that you would put tunes on, just open up my computer so u can see the CD icon and open up your pics drag and drop. sorted. or select the pics and and copy to CD drive easy peasy and probably the best way to back them up…

as for tunes yeah put them on an external drive if your like me and have far too much music it sure frees up alot or room on the hard drive, and last year my PC broke and i had to put nearly 300 albums back on it