Cool MRI pics

Last year I went for an MRI scan and came out with HUGE negatives.

This year I got a CD full of images!!!

If you look at the bottom 2 or 3 vertebrae you can see the prolapses pushing on the nerves in my back!

The other is of my neck - thought i had the same problem there but cant see anything wrong.

Seeing specialist tomorrow for final say so.

Very cool, thanks for sharing! I’m glad there’s nothing wrong with your neck. What does it mean for your back?

Plenty of excercise i’m afraid!

Its degenerative (but then again so is age) its not like im going to end up in a wheelchair or anything.

Its extremely manageable but an absolute arse when it flares up - usually about 2 or 3 times a year putting me on my arse for a week each time.

I say theres nothing wrong with my neck (that I could see) but the consultant is going to look at it tomorrow with his beedy little eyes!:stuck_out_tongue:

PS-My tip to everyone…if your company has insurance…GET IT!!! this lot would have cost £250 - as it stands its costs me nothing.

LOl third pic is looking at your spine from the top or bottom. The bit that you call your butt hole is your spinous process :smiley:

Back pain is not nice, I broke my back in 3 places a few years back, live with the ache on a daily basis now.

Glad we cleared that up - for a moment I thought they’d taken advantage of me!!!:smiley:

By the way - just came back from the specialist - same stuff going on in my neck too! Guess I spoke too soon.

Bummer! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope it does ease up mate.