Convert 3-way hose connector into 2-way?

I’ve got this 3 way plastic connector that connects 3 coolant hoses. I’d like to terminate one of the connections so it only connects two hoses.

I’ve got this connector I wanted to use to replace it, but sadly it’s too small :unamused:

Get the right size/orientation connector.

Or put a short length of hose on the the unwanted outlet and block that with a suitable sized bolt, of course you will also need two hose clamps to prevent it coming apart or leaking.

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But where do they sell these kind of connectors of various sizes? The one I have is a spare I had from some other hose.

I have a hose that goes on that connector and a clip, so I was thinking about a bolt, but wasn’t sure if it would start leaking at some point.

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Hmm, I was only getting copper pipes and garden hoses when I was googling. But these examples have helped me narrow my search :+1: My hose inner diameter is 6mm, should I go for 6mm or 8mm connector(there is no 7mm)?

What are you thinking?

You’ll never get a 6mm hose onto an 8 mm connector, 6 mm hoses fit onto 6 mm connectors - simples but you will need a pair of hose clamps to suit the outer diameter of the hose.

Having looked at that photo again I’m wondering if a straight connector is what you want, looks to me as if a 90° elbow will be needed. The connector you list doesn’t specify a temperatures range?? The listings below does (-30° and +140°C) and if you do need a straight connector thay have that too.


I just thought the rubber might stretch enough to fit :sweat_smile: Though, I was thinking more about 7mm. Would rather ask than waste money on connectors I might never use :man_shrugging:

The picture is a bit misleading. I took out one hose (for inspection) from the 3way-connector point I had the easiest access to, but’s not actually the end I want to terminate. So, an elbow would work for the picture like you say, but not for the actual connection I want to make.
I did not consider the temperatures at all, though, thank you. I will go with the straight 6mm one from your link :+1:

Don’t forget hose clamps, coolant at engine operating temperature is under pressure which means there is a risk of the hoses blowing off the connector. There’s a table at the bottom of this listing for self clamping hoses to help you choose the correct size clamp according to the outside diameter of the hose.

Couldn’t I just reuse the original clips on the hoses that are in situ?

They’re a bit hard to make out in the original photo, but they’re like this:


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Yes you can, didn’t realise you had them.

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