Conversion to LED headlamp bulb Trident 900

Hi chaps (and chapesses) The original 55w headlamp bulb on my '93 Trident 900 was as bright as a Toc H lamp, so one of the first things I did when I bought the bike (in 2005 from a mate) was change the bulb to halogen and this meant I could actually drive at slightly more than 20mph at night…

Anyway, I’m now seeing more powerful LED replacements, my son showed me one for his Yamaha XSR 700, standard H4 fitting but they look a bit bulky at the back end. There’s no electrical reason for not using an LED but I just wonder has anyone else tried fitting one to an older bike?

(I also changed the Triumph standard battery which was pretty pathetic for bike this size, especially on a cold day. Bought a Sealed AGM 12v14Ah SVR 15L from Tayna - never misses.)

As you say, electrically it will be fine, just draw less current.

However, they often have large great sync on the back, which can get hot. You may have clearance issues for this.

Another point to note, if the reflector and diffuser were not designed for LEDs then it may become dazzling for other road users

Also they are (or were) insanely expensive. I look a couple of years ago for the SMT, it was £180 for philips LED bulb. I found the Philip brilliance range of standard bulbs very good.

Also might not legal with the standard reflector.

From what I’ve read so far the ones for bikes are a drop in, just need to make sure of the regular alignment. Still…

The ones I’ve seen are around £40, which is pricey still but good for 50,000 hours(!) and at least 50% more light (some are double…). I ll post some links…,

This is the site my son used.

I’ve put the uprated xenon lights on my SV, makes a nice difference.

put the same ones in my old fazer FZS600, made little difference because it was the reflectors that dont work well. you can put the brightest bulbs in you want, but if the reflectors behind dont point the light in the correct direction its useless.

I got a whole new LED unit from for the XV535. It’s a really good unit and is designed for it.

Good point.