Congratulations to devsTa

Module One Passed :smiley:

Well done fella!

Finally, the thread i have been waiting for

WELL DONE DEV :smiley:

Now onto the easy bit :wink:

congrats nice one :smiley:

Congrats…Keep going :slight_smile:

Well done, Dev!

I’m made up for you. :slight_smile:

Well done Dev :D:D, how big was that smile?

Does that now make him ‘all the gear, *half * of an idea’?


Congrats! :cool:


Nice one dude keep going!

Congrats hinny! :smiley:

Nice one!

Congrats :smiley:

Apologies to all, but this is a ‘very VERY over-due’ Big Thank You to everyone above :smiley: (should have posted on this on the night itself)

Was the best thing ever to have passed Mod 1 like after like 5 fails! :smiley: but my joy that night turned to panic when I found out my examiner had picked up my car theory certificate and jotted those details on my Mod 1 Certificate :frowning: Last thing I needed was to be told the test was void and I needed to do it again!

Anyways thanks to Mel’s advice its sorted. :slight_smile: thank You Mel!!! :cool::smiley:

Mr-C - cant thank ya enough mate for the support that day, your a star! :cool:

Oh and:

Cheeky!!! I’d still say ‘‘No’’ idea but I like the upgrade :smiley: Cheers Alex :cool: its now my signiture :stuck_out_tongue: Now its just for Stevie Ramone to Pass - you can do it! :D:cool::smiley:

So Mister are you coming out to play tomorrow afternoon ??? :smiley:

Congrats fella :slight_smile:

You are more than welcome mate … anything can be acheived with my cheerleading skills … my pom pom waving knows no bounds :DGlad you got there anyway … I was seriously depressed for you on Saturday evening when you found out the examiner had written the wrong number on your certificate … Mel to the rescue though :slight_smile:

Good lass Mel! :smiley:

nicely done dev!

nice one.