Congrats Gurninman!

For passing your driving test today!! :smiley:

He passed first time and I think I was more nervous than him…LOL!! :w00t:

congrats :smiley:


Well done u…big claps…

at least thats one more sensible aware of bikers cager on our roads…:smiley:

Many congrats

Congrats :slight_smile:

Well done, not remember, you don’t need to wear leathers or a crash helmet, unless you are feeling a little kinky. Or you are the Stig! :slight_smile:

Cheers chaps
Felt quite naked arriving at work today with no lid to carry and no kit to take off.Nice to be dry, though.
Will probably only use the car in inclement weather - I love bikes too much, and having been riding for 22 years I’m not gonna give up now.

Good on you. Tis nice having two licences, but I’ll never drive to work due to having no parking and not wishing to pay the Ken Charge.

Congrats, enjoy the warmth on the odd occasion you do drive to work in the winter, but yeah a bike on all other times.

congrats!! its summit i really must do!!

Nice one mate! I know what you mean, took me 14 years to get my car after my bike, but now I am almost wanting to by a car…(Shudder)

Well done !

Well Done.