confidence rideout

very nice rideout, my first with londonbikers :slight_smile:
perfect, apart from me hitting the ground in brighton :frowning:
but at least i saw cornerman system in action, and even mark one corner :slight_smile:

So it was you that went down immediatly behind me as the bus lane started? I didnt realise that bike was part of our group. I stopped but moved on when I saw the rider behind you assisting and I was just holding things up. As you were clearly not seriously hurt that the best thing was stopping the head of the ride whilst the tail was caught up. Were you and the bike OK?

That was a good day apart from getting separated from people at Box and getting done for 37 in a 30 (£60 + 3 points) in Brighton. :doze:

Ouch 37 in a 30. How much can you get away with is it 36? Have you had your NIP yet? If not you might be lucky. Just go to church for the next two weeks and pray.

Not sure what Sussex Police reckon, but yea, usually it’s 10% + 3mph (36 in this case) I believe.

Had the NIP - my first! - and sent it back guilty as charged. :stuck_out_tongue:


Na its only 10% now…they dropped the 3mph a few years back.

Oh well. They got me bang to rights.

I’ve been given the opportunity to attend a Speed Awareness Course. It’s 5 hours long and has theory and practical modules!
Costs more than the fine, but no endorsements.
And I get to travel back to sunny Sussex! Perhaps another rideout is in the offing! :rolleyes:

The cameras in Brighton are miniature money-making machines. Sussex plod are REALLY hot at sending out their NIPs, so the best thing to do is, don’t get caught on camera. I got flashed in Brighton FIVE DAYS after passing my bike test, having had 20+ years of driving without a single point on my licence. I fought it (which cost me in time) but I still have a clean licence.

And that was 37 in a 30. Didn’t even get the offer of a speed awareness course.

Oh Mucky Choffin, you tearaway! Always thought there was an air of hooligan about you :slight_smile:

This “Confidence” rideout idea… I thought the idea was that you kept the little things that go wrong secret, hence the name?

Of course, it’s secret! Only LB members/ readers will know!