Confidence Ride Out - AceCafe to Windsor 21 June 2008 - 9h00

Hi All If you own a 125 CC and a newbie and keen for a ride on the 21 June 2008 please let me know.

In addition I would also like to know if there are any more experience riders who would like to join this “slow paced” ride - the idea here would be to potential pass on some knowledge and experience and have fun.

Time - 9h00

Start - ACE Cafe

The route I am thinking is as follows: (Still on L Plates so no motorways),51.460620,-0.306520%3B606779805123558285,51.445370,-0.330850%3B12950640014418622656,51.372530,-0.443870%3B5312820612969372736,51.400790,-0.557640%3B1112201635454110502,51.408970,-0.591950%3B125289962234747523,51.393090,-0.628550&saddr=NW10+7UD&daddr=The+Green+%4051.460620,±0.306520+to:A305%2FHeath+Rd+%4051.445370,±0.330850+to:A3050%2FOatlands+Dr+%4051.372530,±0.443870+to:B389%2FSandhills+Ln+%4051.400790,±0.557640+to:B389%2FChristchurch+Rd+%4051.408970,±0.591950+to:A30%2FLondon+Rd+%4051.393090,±0.628550+to:51.410771,-0.665359+to:windsor&mra=dpe&mrcr=0&mrsp=7&sz=11&via=1,2,3,4,5,6,7&dirflg=h&sll=51.446732,-0.462799&sspn=0.282445,0.598755&ie=UTF8&z=11

Venue - Windsor RiverSide

All those who are keen please confirm for numbers - I will make the booking in Windsor.

Looking forward to meeting you all!


and booking for what?

That looks a very good route, and although I can’t promise I will try and make it along.

A couple of suggestions though. On a ride like that, with less experienced riders, it is worth having regular short stops to reorganise, re-energise and to make sure everyone is happy with pace etc.

Some suggested stopping points are -

  1. On your route at Old Deer Park, Richmond

  2. There is parking and toilets in Sunbury on your route at Sunbury Park

  3. There is probably somewhere around Virginia Water, but when I went to explore the area last year it was closed due to Foot and Mouth!

  4. As an alternative to a Virginia Water stop, or maybe a visit on the way back, I recommend a trip to the Air Forces Memorial overlooking Runnymede. Parking, toilets, a very moving place with fantastic views of West London.

Booking for lunch in windsor

Sorry mate, can’t do that weekend.

I’ll be there… now I just hope the sun will be too!

Okay no problem

Maybe next time.

Thanks for the reply

maybe but cant say for sure, and the RS doesn’t like going slow, it makes funny noises lol

I’ll be there

Looking forward to some advice before i embark on my quest for a full licence :cool:

May come along for a giggle and chat, can I see how many times I can go back and forth along the route in the time it takes you too ride it…don’t think I’m taking the mick or being disrespectful, we all had to learn somewhere and sometime, it may be eductional.:slight_smile:

Hi there

Yeah - its gonna be at the speed limits unfortunately, however there some really good place to see and some good networking so it should be an awesome ride - I have been along some of these roads already and have also been to the the River Side Pub in Windsor - on a good day its excellent by the river and there couple of other places along the way which are really nice.

I am hoping that some more experience riders can join to pass on their knowledge and experience.

Hope to see you there - please invite whoever is available - its going to be a great day.


are there any provisions on route for those of us with small tanks? I * *should ** have no problem getting to Windsor but you never know. will defo have to top up when in Windsor.

bleeding scooters with little tanks :crying:


Hey dude, that is a nice little route that. I play a lot down that neck of the woods for a quick blast. Riding through the great park is awesome, fast if you want it to be and the triangular junction at Mounts Hill where the A383 and A332 come together is awesome for getting the knee down if your into that kind of thing. Theres also a pub with a big car park and decent outdoor seating right next to it. Nice place to ride especially when the suns shining throughb the trees, if it is you’ll see what I mean.Cheers


so u joining us then ?

I asked a couple of guys to come along, ones up for it and the other isnt a morning person, he’d rather stay asleep dreaming about bikes than riding one… I guess thats because in his dreams he’s actually a good rider! :smiley:

Getting to the Ace might be abit of pain in the buttock as were going to be coming from Kent, il talk to my mate and maybe we could meet you further along the ride somewhere.

If that’s an ET or LX you’re riding (picture looks like it) then you’ll be OK. You might not realise it, but you’ll be getting a lot more mpgs from your “small”-engined scoot than someone on a big bike. Surely you’ll get 75mpg++ from your scoot (I get around 70mpg from a 250 auto).

I’d like to make this ride, but it’s possible that I’ll have to be working on that day.

Should not be a problem - can you suggest a meeting point ?

Regardings stops for petrol - that wont be a problem - there are petrol stations in Virginia Water, and Ascot - if all else fails I get 200 miles to the tank - so will be able to fetch petrol for those who run out.

Any other concerns let me know.

Benelli, it is an LX. Never really tested the tanks capability :slight_smile:

MotorGP007, that should be all right then, I don’t know if it will be an issue or if i’m just a hypochondriac :ermm:

I am supposed to be out with the some girls on Ducatis but havent heard if its still on, if its not on i will come out with you lot if you will have me :smiley: