Computer Repair tool kit

I fancy one but there are like a million on Amazon. Which one should I get IT peeps?

None! Just a micro screwdriver set.

The look all fancy, but in 10 years of being a field tech I can honestly say I only ever used a screw drivers. And on a very very rare occasion some tweezers…

Often need some torx screwdrivers, tweezers and plastic squidgy case splitting thingy for laptop tinkering. But yeah, anything desktop/server wise rarely needs more than a decent philips screwdriver.

I wouldn’t. I’d buy a decent kit from iFixit.
Or, watch this.

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I’ve built and modified more computers than I can count and I’ve only ever used a set of electrical screwdrivers. Well plus some cable-ties, snips, compressed-air cans, micro hoover attachments, etc :slight_smile: