Computer question

Does anyone know how I set up a UK proxy server? I am in Spain and can’t use some sites from my Spanish IP (BBC for example). There is a guy doing it here but charging 10 quid a month which seems OTT.

Any ideas?


Theres no way to do it free as such, but you might find a free one you can get on. Open anonymous proxies are a bit of a thing of the past though.

Paying for one is probably a good bet for getting a reliable one, not sure what the going rate it though

It can be a bit tricky getting a fast enough connection, but if you want to try the free route and you use FireFox give a try.

If you are prepared to pay a bit there is also but it’s a tenner a month and which is £30 a year with a free trial…

Here’s a proxy list to get you started:

But a lot of people find it too much hassle using proxies as they are to slow and keep changing so they end up with one of the paid for tunnels like the two I put above.

All the best.

Might not be practiable for you but I have this set up

which works OK until theres a power cut in the UK and my system gets rebooted.

you could get little UPS which will keep it running for an hour or so…not counting screen and peripherals, which you don’t need anyway while RDPing.

Excellent idea, cheers.