Computer question.....

I’m in Spain and want to use Ebay France. When I log on I can view anything apart from vehicles…It seems that they cannot be viewed from a Spanish IP address. I’ve tried a prog (Protexx) to hide the address but not workinganybody know how to do this - I’d also like to be able to view UK tv and that has the same problem…



You would need to use a proxy server from the country would like to be in logically. IE you would have to use a proxy server in the france to be able to use eBay in france. Similar sort of thing might work for the TV, but the problem there is that it would probably try to make a direct connection. Proxy work well on http traffic but are not geared up very well for using any other traffic.

I doubt it will help but i thought if you were able to open a hyperlink, you may be able to click through to get to the bit you want…

You should email [email protected] They were very helpful to me.


that sounds helpful - who are you please?

If he 's using Protexx we may never know:)

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just an idea, try using “tor” (onion routing)

I thought I was very polite and reasonable.