Computer help

So for a couple of days of Christmas the ‘recent posts’ page of LB didn’t load properly for me. No formatting, just a list in plain type, some of it overlapping. It didn’t seem to affect anything else, so I assumed it was an LB issue, especially as it solved itself a couple of days ago. Then I’m trying to see my archived ebay purchases today, and I have the same problem there. I haven’t changed any settings manually, uploaded the latest Firefox today, no change.
It doesn’t appear to do it through explorer. Any ideas?

Failure to load the CSS page? I get it sometimes when my connection is about to cut out.
what do you get from

Download 11mbps upload 2mbps. Not fantastic given the advertised 20mbps, but Mrs S is connected, and I’m running a couple of pages.
Not sure about failure to load, Firefox seems to think it’s loaded, and it doesn’t hang.
My Vaio checkup ran a few days ago, wondering if that screwed something up.

does it work ok on another computer or another browser?

Ok on another pc, seems to work ok in internet explorer.

Are u using the favourites tab? If so. Delete it and load a new one :slight_smile:

Turn it off turn it on job done :smiley:

check your zoom level maybe bunched up as zoomed in perhaps…

Buy a bike with a decent paint job :smiley:

he thought was decent :stuck_out_tongue:

said it looked mean to which i replied no angry… angry at itself for looking like a been attacked by high school graffiti artists with only matt black :smiley:

I think it’s noscript. I’ll try re installing it.