Comparative Space Used By Car, Bus & Bicycle

Surprising eh. Imagine if more folks got out of their stupid cars in London and onto bikes?

This assumes that the bus is always full, which is hardly ever true.

and it presumes there is 1 person per car (which is normally the case but not always)

oh, and there is a bit of zoom in/ out going on there to give a squed perception. but i totally agree!

I think its really lovely how everyone’s piped up just to tear the idea down, even though they all admit, they think it’s pretty sound…

You guys are the weirdest collection of mismanged neurons going. :slight_smile:

I didnt say it was sound, I just lumped it in with all the other lies, damn lies and statistics…

Oooh spooky I was stationed there in the late 70’s really nice city.