Commuting question Biker or Scooter?

Been wondering if I should change my current commuter to a scooter 400cc++. I ride a naked Yamaha XJ, does the job and I haven’t had any issues besides having to stick some cash into it to keep it MOT friendly.

Would a scooter be better? More mpg? Less things going wrong and even at MOT? Service less expensive?

Just wondering.

How far do you commute and where (through town, a-roads etc)?

I’d definitely consider selling my bike & getting a scooter commuter and something more sporty for the weekends if I had enough room and could put up with the nagging about why I need more than one bike :smiley:

Well I do have the GSXR for weekends yet it has been stationary for just over 1 year now:( Weather isn’t helping. Every time I wanted to go get the MOT done bang more rain and it looks like it is here to say so no idea what to do, maybe I should sell it.

Commute is 20 miles 1 way so 40 miles per day. I mainly use the A12 and Central London so would probably need something with at least 300cc. I have been looking at prices but for some reason all Scooters of 400cc+ are damn expensive, more than bikes:(

I ride in from Ongar to Westminster every day on a 250cc scooter. Takes about an hour for the 27miles each way. The servicing requirement for this one and my annual mileage means it needs an oil change every 3 months with a bigger service every 6. The belt gets changed at around every 10k miles and with a new belt costing less than £50.

Obviously a 250 isn’t fast as most bikes but I reckon 250/300 is the sweet-spot for commuting. My one indicates near enough 90 flat out (around 82 real) on the M11 on the way home but I still get 200miles out of a £13 tank. I think that is around 90mpg. Tax is £30-ish and insurance about £80 for comp. So it is as quick as I need for the motorway (I went to Peterborough and back a couple of weeks ago without any bother) but has the economy of a 125cc or thereabouts. Perfect!

My scooter has ABS and a clever ABUS chain system that locks from inside the boot. It also has wind deflectors to keep your legs warm and (mostly) dry. There’s also a 12v socket to charge a phone, satnav or 12v air compressor(!!). I have had it since new in 2009 and it is now on 31700 miles and it still rides like one with 7000miles on it. (I know that because I have just bought an identical one with 7000miles on!) It’s a black Peugeot Satelis 250 and you can have it for £1900 :slight_smile: Drop me a PM if you want to have a look.