Commuting Bike

Well I am seriously thinking to get a commute bike as I am starting to hate the public transport plus it will end up cheaper me thinks.

Based on price and insurance cost I have narrowed down to these 3:


Any advice, or info is much appreciate it.

P.S. Also looking to buy one of them so if anyone has one for sale or knwos anyone let me know.

the Er6 is the odd one out?

All sound good… dont rule out honda 600s either…
And if can stretch to it… triumph street triple wouldnt be bad…

I am selling a VFR800 for cheap if you fanncy that? Its what im commuting on now.

well I have a GSXR so was looking at a cheap fun bike, also for the missus to hang in the back better than on the sport bike.

Was looking at the VFR but the 64k milage kinda scared me off:) I know they good for longer… but still, I would be puttin about 1000 miles a month on it.

test them all, find the comfiest one

1200 bandit.

CBF… its what most couriers ride :wink:

CB500 is very handy around town and economical. Fitting a sports exhaust makes it very loud.

is it me or do we keep banging on about the same bike? PS125 and CB(F) :wink:

VFR, hands down. 70,000 miles on mine at the minute and I am doing about 1000 miles a month commuting. Good position for pillions.

DRZ 400 sm

I wouldn’t ride anything else in London. Great fun, and it’s nimbleness has saved me from going into the back of a few buses and white vans in my time. It’s underpowered for a 'moto which is great coz it stops me from being a loon on it :slight_smile: Plus it’s cheap to run! Perfec.

Bandit 600 as a second bike for commuting, defo.

ER6n is a good bike but if you’re over 5’9 you’ll find it small I reckon, my GF had one and liked it but found it far too small. It’s quite girlie too (apologies if any fellahs have one). Gets a lot of attention tho.