Commuter Ideas

Hey Guys,

Long time a member but don’t post much.

Anyways I know there are loads of topics on this but keen to get thoughts.

I currently own a 2104 Bonneville 865, I had grand ideas of being like Steve Mcqueen, but realized I am too fat and need a bike for different reasons.

Anyways I commute Welwyn Garden City to London max twice a week but we are looking to move further out to Bigglewade or beyond.

The Bonnie is perfect for London but not great on the motorway (A1M)

I also prefer having a top box and a screen which both look Shite on the bonnie so I am after something for around 4-5k that would do the job long term.

I can’t do adventure bikes as I am 5ft7 and would like to be able to get both feet on the floor

Just wondering what people use for around 80 ish mile round trip but also a little bit fun on the weekends? Also want somehting newish as I do not have the time or knowledge for any mechanical work.

I had a SV650 (17 plate) before the Bonnie and kind of thinking I should have kept it, put a screen on it and a box and that would have been perfect but happy for other ideas

hey @PaulRougier-Lagane .

I still have my SV650 as I love it to bits! I currently have an NC750 on hire, not the bike for me if I’m honest, but it is super efficient on petrol, pulls OK and comfortable on the motor.

You can get ones that are a few years old for the budget you’re looking for. Something worth looking at I think.

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I did have a look at the NC but the earlier models had a 835mm seat which seems a bit tall for me. The newer ones are lower but then to drop 6-7k I would rather have an SV :slight_smile: with top box

Gotta say my FZ6 fits that requirement as well.

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Oooh do share

The Yamaha Fazer FZ6 S2

Also decent on the Autobahn

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Glad you confirmed it was on the autobahn.



Honda cb600f hornet

Hornet on the motorway?

Suppose can get a screen

GSX650F or XJ600 Diversion (not the old one) maybe.

Vfr800. Speaking as someone who used to commute Hitchin to Bank daily, you’ll be filtering for at least half the journey. The vfr isn’t specifically good for that, but it will eat up the motorway miles and be a comfy place to be after a long day.