Commute route into London

Hope this is right place to ask.

Moved out of London recently. Wondered if anyone has a good commute route suggestion from experience. To save trying lots to find the best.

Bishops Stortford > Mayfair.  

Google says M11>A406>A13. But google doesn’t know I ride a motorbike and can filter. Wonder if A10 would be a good route. 


M11 A12 off at the A102 through Hackney onto old street past Farringdon and keep going depending on time and ability I think around hour & 20mins should be about right 

Bishops Stortford! i used to live there for 2 years, nice town! Once you start commuting let me know your average time, will be really curious to see what it is as i am contemplating moving outside the M25

I used to commute from Maldon to the British library and could it in hour 15mins for a 8 am start
My new commute is Maldon to Putney
Takes me hour &40mims

Try Waze app for some alternatives. Not sure if it’s covered the Wise route. But looks like an action packed journey!



Thanks guys. I’ll try that waze app, not heard of that. 

I won’t do the route often, only when I drop the lady off on my way. I go around the M25 to Kingston (1h20-40 from BS) 2 days a week, and work from home the rest. 

My commute from Royston (A1 / A41) passes through Mayfair after about 50 - 55 minutes, a little before 7am, so from Bishops Stortford you should be able to find a route which takes less than that. I have tried the A10 a few times but it is littered with traffic lights and Gatsos.

I used to do M11 - A406 - A12 - A11 which is reasonable.

When do you need to get to Mayfair for?

I try to avoid the A11 like the plague
To much hassle for my liking
But again it’s all time dependant
I use waze or google maps they are ok but you have to remember they are for cars they can’t account for motorcycles
Plan your route and try a few options that way you will learn quickly what best suits you

8:30am or a little before for Mayfair.

Yes I use google maps too for an idea. But like you say, no idea that you’re on a motorbike and the slower route might well be quicker filtering on a motorbike. 

Waze is part of the Google maps group and I do like it
It’s interactive so you can get reports of problems at lot quicker
But you can confuse it if your filtering through traffic while other waze users are at a standstill

Part of the google maps group?

EDIT: Oh, it’s been bought by google :frowning: Does it not use OSM data any more?

a12 down into hackney is the best way for sure

Isn’t the A12 just roundabout after roundabout after roundabout, or is that a different bit?

From gallows corner Romford to the end at the A13  commercial road theres three including gallows corner

A12 from the north circ flows lovely.

I usually join at Redbridge as I h8 the a12/a406 junction and I come from the a10 side any ways.


I travel from Coggeshall via Bishops Stortford, and have found the following to be the best route.

Although the route still has filtering, its much reduced and has roads that facilitate a wider gap. Time: From Bishops you’d be looking at c. 1hr,+Essex,+UK/51.5021116,-0.1159715/@51.6889442,0.1480378,11z/am=t/data=!3m1!4b1!4m49!4m48!1m45!1m1!1s0x47d8fc9513e57c51:0xb1fbcd8237807289!2m2!1d0.692681!2d51.870799!3m4!1m2!1d0.0656604!2d51.5083456!3s0x47d8a8991642599b:0x13c168b3d6e49993!3m4!1m2!1d0.0358884!2d51.5026725!3s0x47d8a8656f8114f1:0xdc22b646f2982e0!3m4!1m2!1d-0.0764168!2d51.5039443!3s0x48760345e441f613:0xc0e7ec1724a8b648!3m4!1m2!1d-0.0810638!2d51.4970281!3s0x48760343246e9c65:0x70201dfcd8d3cb04!3m4!1m2!1d-0.086439!2d51.499477!3s0x4876035b8a2afee9:0xabd3ce5da952f973!3m4!1m2!1d-0.0995158!2d51.5037101!3s0x487604a60f6aab7f:0x70c1cc8b42929ac4!3m4!1m2!1d-0.0995158!2d51.5037101!3s0x487604a60f6aab7f:0x70c1cc8b42929ac4!3m4!1m2!1d-0.1154994!2d51.5033448!3s0x487604b83946b7b1:0xabefba36e4e163de!1m0!3e0?hl=en

Happy to meet up say at the BP services (A120 just before M11) and lead the way …




Thanks for that suggestion. Interestingly that's what google maps says as best route (near enough).  1h is good going. 

Thanks for the kind offer, but know those roads well enough. Cheers.

I think it’ll try both out and see which is best. 

I’m going to do a map now
I’ve been at the cutting edge of Ian’s directions

My preferred route