Common event,

Non Biker “What CC is it?”

Biker “900”

Non Biker " Phew! Cor! Wow!"

Biker then tries to explain that a 900cc Triumph Scrambler ( or a Harley whatever ) only pushes out 54Bhp but a 600 SB pushes out something like 130bhp- Non Biker glazes over and says…

Non Biker “Yeah but , 900cc , Phew Cor!”

I give up,


sounds like someone from up my end…(essex) !!! ha ha “innit” !!

Its when you’re on the Bus in Brixton you’ve got the 4 grannies, and by that I mean all over 75 at least, in front of you all swearing, suckin their teeth and shouting, Back a Yard, Innit!


No Lie this conversation happened to me twice last week … (innit)

Thats the sort of thing my misses says to me.