Commercial St, Whitechapel, Leman St (post fire)

These are on my normal commute route to work near Tower Hill. What are these roads like currently following the tower block fire? Google Maps is showing Commercial St as closed… is that true? If I need to get to Tower Hill from the west am I better going along the Embankment for the time being? It’s a [email protected] ride than City Rd, Old St and Commercial St, but… Grateful for advice! Thanks


I come along Whitechapel then up city road old Street. It was pretty bad the night of the fire, it’s got better but I’d still it attempt it in a car. However I’d hope it will all reopen over the next few days once they are happy it is all made safe

Thanks. I commuted by motorbike today. Commercial St was open till the last 200-300 yards, then closed at the junction with Whitechapel Rd at Aldgate East. I had to fart around in side streets and diversions. Leman Street largely open if you can navigate back to it. Took me 20mins longer today and at times felt like every road had cones and red plastic fencing on it.

yup still the same today as well, slightly easier for me though as I come in from the otherside.

@The_Duc this is all ipene again now.

Thank you - appreciate that!