Comfortable 600 Super Sport

I sat on al the well known 600’s and the Ducati 848 at the both bike shows (Birmingham being the best one) and found that the Suzuki was the most comfortable. The 848 is a good looking bike but it squashes your peanuts, couldn’t ride this for more than a minute.

I agree totally. I found the GSX-R750 one of the most comfortable bigger bikes.

I find that both the 848 and 1098 squish my peanuts. The rake of the seat points everything towards the tank just a little too much. I wouldn’t want to brake hard on one! :crying:

On the 848 I found my knees were in just the wrong position, so that they got knocked by the gap between the tank and the frame, most annoying, I dont think I could live with that…

CBR 600 F4, Thundercat, 02 ZX6R

A few that come to mind…Not latest stuff, but who cares.

I sat on the KTM 1125 RCB (I think it’s called that) at the London bike show - that was pretty comfortable. Certainly compared to the 1098 - first bump you hit on that and your voice will shoot up and octave and kids are right out…

Just realised that you were after 600 supersports. So ignore the KTM comment. Is the Daytona comfortable? I ride a street triple (which has lower pegs) and that very comfy.

I think Afro got converted when he sat on my CBR F4i - I obviously agree with him - CBR all the way for a comfortable ride when you want it.

I had a sit on them all as well, being 6’4’’ im a bit limited in choice.

Most of the litre bikes were smaller/lighter than my zx6r G2 (1999) :crazy:

Oh well, if i get a new bike it will just have to be a 1000cc i guess…

Yeah…Put R1 brakes on it…Wack in the R1 engine and modify the frame so the bike handles like an R1…Then yeah…I’d be a convert :smiley:

Yes and make it an R1…Probably the most comfortable for tall blokes.

I know i’m not tall but I would say my old 'blade RRR was the most comfy of all the sports bikes ive ever riden:cool:

I think the New ZX10 is the muts nuts, very comfy…BUT on bumpy roads you had better make sure they are clear as the suspension is so stiff it gives them a good smack if they are anywhere near the seat…ouch…may have to get me spanners out and soften the suspension…

Hmmm…Sounds like a Kwakker.

The ergonomics of the bike felt very good when I sat on it at Excel though…Best speak to Brian stroker.

the kwaks (both zx6 and zx10) in my opinion lack in build quality big time over the competition. i won’t go into detail but the ammount of flimsy plastic in standard trim worries me as to the quality of the rest of the bike. plus kwak playing gimics like ‘anti spin’ for traction when it clearly doesn’t work. shed loads of power mind and very very suited to the track in terms of gearing, engine characteristics and suspension.

as for a comfortable 600 supersport?? thats simply a contradiction really as thats not what you buy one for in the first place! unless you want to dress up like rossi and look the part…the street tripple is a great bike and looks cool too :slight_smile: