Come on Girls! Let's get you on track!

I’m keen to do a few track days this summer and this one appeals as I wont need to take a day off work.

Sounds brilliant, would love to do this one, all I have to do now, money, now where is the printing press, or can I still pick it off the trees in the back garden.

Honestly I would love to do this, but unless the pound strenghtens against the € I will have no chance.

I ride an F650GS which is more for offroading and touring than track days… and plus i dont wear leathers i only wear textiles lol
Im going to invest in a sports bike eventually but not yet lol

Yup I’d like to do this :slight_smile: If anyone wants to be my ‘partner’ for the day he can do it too :wink:

Thanks PPG, 'tis appreciated. Q

Im up for this one

well im sure tiggi will be up for it, i might come along too :smiley:

Well looks like I have been volunteered for this one :stuck_out_tongue: wonder why :Whistling: