Come on Girls! Let's get you on track!

Girlsbike2, the clothing company, are doing an event at Rockingham on 2nd August with No Limits Track Days… ladies only! I will be there helping out. Happy to go the extra mile for ladies on LB :slight_smile:

Where the heck is Rockingham?! here

Circuit website: I have (correct me if I’m wrong):GhettoRider?Shewoolf? :)BikebunnyNonsenseItl ally?QuillerTattooist750chick

Now where did I put my mascara and high heels… :wink:

In the usual place Ian.

Just rung them and if your female partner books a place then you can book a place too . . . so Ian, if your lady rides and wants to go then you can too :slight_smile:

think westie or curtis borrowed them mate :D:D:D

If there’s no male totty in leather to see then what’s the point :crazy:

I hope it will encourage more women to try track days but personally I’m all about the variety :smiley:

Variety is the spice of life, eh!!! :hehe:

you’re such a spoilsport! like one of those neighbours who spies on everything you do, but doesnt actually notice when something is getting nicked…! :P:hehe:

I totally agree with you, but then there is no theme, it’s just another track day… :slight_smile: It’s like a trackday just for Suzuki or Kawasaki and then saying every bike should come… (not that other bikes shouldn’t be allowed, just that this isnt the point of having a theme)…

Keep your hair on :smiley: I called to see what pace the novice group would be. They said they usually have 3 or 4 instructors in a typical novice group but this one will have 11 instructors in novice and the pace in novice will be much slower compared to usual. Last two years it’s been like that so he said this year will be similar.Which is all good news as I know someone who might be interested but not if she thought she’d have people whizzing past all the time.Looks like it might be a good day :cool:And I’m saying nothing about lots of ladies in leather . . . :wink:

Glad to see you understand the point of it (and suprised that we see eye to eye for a change). Thanks for supporting the event :wink:

I’ll might be up for this :smiley:

Id love to go but my bike isnt made 4 track days :frowning:

I think on the quiet we usually agree ;):stuck_out_tongue:

I’m really tempted… my husbands been doing loads of trackdays recently (he has a trackbike, flash git)… and I’ve wanted to have a go but I can barly ride on the road, let alone track… I’ll be the slowest of the slowest!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I take part with a normal street bike? Also I only have two piece leathers, I know sometimes they can be abit funny about that?!

Ohhhhhh, the temptation to ride around a track really slowly and make an ar$e out of myself has never been so tempting!!! ;):smiley:

When I spoke to NoLimits they said being slow wouldn’t be a problem, they expect a lot of slow riders in novice group so don’t let that put you off. Two piece leathers (with joining zip) are fine, with leather gloves and some reasonable boots.

what do you mean by that? :frowning: would you be comfortable hiring one?

That’s no excuse, Jimc has taken a 3 wheel scooter on a normal track day!

Haha! :stuck_out_tongue: I’d love to of seen that! :smiley:

I’ve got all the gear; boots / gloves etc… just need abit of skill!!! I’ve mentioned it to hubby so maybe he’ll treat me for my birthday!!! ;):smiley: If theres a chance that he might get a trackday out of it, I might be in luck! :slight_smile: