Colin Edwards is my new hero

Oh my god, did you see it. Not just the save but the immediate show boating!

Not watched it yet but will shortly :cool:

Rossi did the same thing in a race back in 2000.

He crashed properly a few laps later.

Always pegged edwards as my fav! Met him a few years back when He teamed Aaron Slight for Castrol Honda. Sat and had dinner with him, He was such a top bloke Ive always backed him :smiley:

Simply incredible :slight_smile:

Was just saying that he needed sliders on his elbows lol:D

Just watched it, heres the link :cool:

LOL - I bet Colin put that up himself!

Excellent, I missed that when I was watching earlier, brilliant stuff!

I’m hoping both Edwards and JT have a good year this year, maybe they’ll spur each other on to achieve great things! :smiley:

I like Colin…for alot of reasons…obviously, he’s an American for one…but more than that, I like the fact that he tells it like it is…no bullshit. Ask him a question, he gives you an answer…a straight answer. Win, lose or draw he just says it.

That lowside save WAS impressive…and the immediate wave to the crowd and marshalls was topshelf…but did you guys see Pedro-bot run wide through a right hander at high speed…all the way over the rumble strip and most of the way onto the grass…a mortal being would have rolled off the throttle to save it…but no, the little runt body englished the bike MOSTLY back onto the tarmac and promptly whacked the throttle WFO…wheeling away down the rumble strip. I don’t like Pedrosa…at all…but hats off to him for having the proverbial balls of steel (and unbelievable talent) to pull that off.

Yes mate, I saw that Pedrosa moment. I’m very familiar with the track and that is one hell of a corner to be off the rumble strip on!(2 weeks and 3 days and I’m on a 3 day trackday at Jerez - RAH)

what a great session, camera work was better than usual too!
my missus came running into the room wondering what all the fuss was about, rewound to show her edwards being a god and she simply said “wow!”, amazing stuff :smiley:

Is that an official American phrase or a Gregmanism?

And what exactly does “body englishing” mean…? Be careful now, there’s one or two “English” folk on this site fella :smiley:

+1, amazing talent and lorenzo is truely showing off his skills now, dont like either one but damn are they good, great for the sport

Brilliant recovery.

Must be an American figure of speech…

No offense intended. :smiley:

I’ve heard Randy Mamola say that before. I think they mean Body Language:cool: