Cold Tyres

It happens to the best

Best make sure I have nice warm tyres


and he wasn’t going that fast or aggressively

i think im gonna start pushing mine around till they warm up…

My point exactamundo. I’m cacking it now…

I find a few spins on the old back whee l whilst stationary tends to get a little heat in the rear, been all right touch wood this winter so far, but I have had a few moments where the front hasn’t wanted to play

Ooops … easy done … I did almost exactly that last Saturday.

Picture the scene … brand new cold tyres that had done about 4 or 5 miles … just coming into Kings Cross one way system from Angel, take the left hander, nice and gently does it … back end lets go big stylee!!! … the traffic behind must have had a great spectacle at me weaving down the road … but, sheer grit & determination prevailed and I kept my Mistress off the floor. PHEW!!! … pants needed changing though!

A much smaller slide happened to me just leaving the garage but I have learned my lesson, ride around the block once weaving and breaking.
I can’t wait to change the standard rubber thats on the gixxer.

'Ang on! He wasn’t putting any power down… Must have been brand-new slicks, still greasy??? I can pull away much harder than that on cold tyres with the K5 and not have any embarassing moments! Champion of France, right

Nice bike though mister!


Cezar has sent me the picture of your championship effort in France.

Must of been slicks u couldnt really even hear the engine rev!

Aaahhhhhhh I think I know the picture, the bastard! Those French circuits are veeeeery tricky

Dunno what you are talking about Dan… No sir!

Cezar! I don’t post pics of you nursing your ‘worn’ gixxer

How embarrassed must he have been after that rather unfortunate incident?!

As an aside, the desire to make a French joke is pretty strong right now but I’m going to just leave it be.

Never had it happen to me. But then my Puch maxi is just a little girls bike.

Closest I ever got was coming to a r/bout on cold tyres n thinkin ‘oh, i can get me knee down here’. Give it a full handfull to get the speed up and whilst banked right over with knee down, back shot out at least a foot.

Thought I was really clever by controlling this massive power slide only to be catapulted out of the seat when it finally gripped (was almost all the way upright), caught me nads a right good n when i landed on the tank.

wasn’t the most graceful of landings, but me mates following me had a right laff. And yes I did save it.

Needless to say, am too scared to ‘push’ it like that anymore.

Nads on tank worst pain there is

Ayeeiii, nasty Puppy! Bet it looked good though! Do you remember when I did the same thing in front of you at Llandow a couple of years ago on my R6? Coming out of a corner, just wound it on too quickly and left a long black line down the track and was thrown out the seat. Stayed on, shat my pants and came in to calm down, hehe. Puppy got it all on video as well.

did the same on new tyres/wet tarmac on my old r6 and road tested the R&Gs. great bits of kit those

saw a clip on google i think that had a guy lose the back end, bounce out of his seat with the highside and whilst still holding the bars bounced on the front of the bike back into the seat and saved it. unbelieveable luck

hey da artist. the accelerating/braking thing will put heat in but from what i’ve read the weaving thing doesn’t make any real diff and prob best avoided on cold tyres. takes a mile or two before most tyres get to operating temps so just taking it easy on the way out before giving it handfuls should be fine.

johnnybravo thanks for the tips, but I have to weave it looks and feels good, its my first bad habbit… now I need to go get them R&G’s from Rexx Judd.