never knew you could do this



I’ve just gone through 3 offices to beg for money to see for myself:)

It is true :D:D

back to work now:P

how slow are you two?

did you not wonder why our coins had half a picture on?

money doesn’t last long enough with me to look that long :stuck_out_tongue:

and I use card :wink:

we’ve just done an IAM day so we are slow but safe :hehe:


Pan, get out more mate! :wink:

actually i think i never noticed this because i **do ** go out!

whinge whinge whinge… take a public beeyatch slappin like a man! :slight_smile:

I think if you put them all together it triggers a homing beacon. The aliens that planted the trap are now on their way. And don’t think we can stop them! They are already here - they are called the illuminatevites. They will eat all our chocolate and leave us with nothing! Now look what you guys have donE!!! ARGH! RUN AWAY!


Dang! :frowning:

lol i didnt know either :stuck_out_tongue: