coffee machine chit chat

2 guys chatting while I’m filtering…

blah blah M3 only 2 owners, full history blah blah quick blah accelleration blah

blah blah want a real thrill blah Caterham blah quick blah blah

so i ask “Why dont you try a motorbike?” which turned into a tirade of

…R1 kill myself blah blah

…I’d set land speed record

…you got to have balls

…I’d lose my license

…you got to be responsible

…I got kids

…ive got a weak heart

…my mate …velcro number plates …across london in 20mins

…look up another R1 on DVLA and copy license plate

so I finished with “maybe stick to the M3 then…” jeez! heh heh

Also at the supermarket this morning a trolly dude was standing by my bike when i got back. And that one went something like

“Is it fast?”

“They’re all fast”

“Kawasaki’s fastest isnt it?”

“They are fast”

“I’d fall off”


“Leaning over”

“Yeah I fall off every time I lean over, best not to” - I rode off, leaning over to turn around…

thanks pun-agiotis for clarifying (filtering, get it?) I dont often get myself involved in conversations while im riding :stuck_out_tongue:


My mate Heisti rides a Bird with all the decals stripped off. He gets the same question at the lights all the time:

“What kind of motorcycle is that?”

“A fast one.”

G’day, good sir. :wink:

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