Coding the Interwebs


This is where LB stuff gets coded. In the interweb tubes.

(just fannying around with the DSLR)


Good choice of desk chair too.


Do you work for SPECTRE?


Sshh. It’s a secret.


Slacking I see…


Order a trial of an embody chair. They are much better than an Aeron. They’ll loan you one for about six weeks then you can either send it back or buy it. (Or find one used).


You know I’m not going to do that right? The Aerons cost a fortune! :slight_smile:

Besides, we have matching his and hers. Can’t ruin the Feng Shui!


Yeah, really looks like you’re going for a budget setup there Jay :stuck_out_tongue:


Gotta have the right tools for the job to do the best job possible :sunglasses:


@Jay a good worker never blames their tools


True, but it is hard to do a good job with bad tools :grinning:


Is that C# I see in your IDE (Rider?)?


It is C# well spotted, but not Rider - Visual Studio, the one and only true god of IDEs. Ahem.


You excited about C# 8.0 coming out? There’s some good stuff in there :slight_smile:

I love what Microsoft is doing with .NET. Open-sourcing everything, even WPF, rewriting everything for Core to be more performant and cross-platform, etc. It’s a good time to be a .NET developer.


I must admit, I’ve not looked at what’s coming!

But yes, .NET is a very exciting space to be involved in right now. It’s taken nearly 20 years, but it’s really starting to take off :slight_smile: I remember learning VB.NET back in 2003 or so as a progression from ASP development, being amazed at ASP.NET and then learning C#. It was a real eye opener back then, allowing us to create much simpler, yet much more powerful and flexible apps and was a huge boon for my career. I wondered back then how long it would be around, thinking back to how VB was phased out, but look at .NET… it’s proven itself to be such a good decision.

I would never have thought back then that I would be running C# apps in a docker container, on my NAS. It was always a given that .NET was for the corporate world only, but now it’s flexible enough to run from anywhere for anyone.

C# is also my favourite language. Very clean, very powerful. Quite often other languages look messy and sometimes outright ugly.