Cobwebs be gone. Brands Hatch Trackday 11.4

After @pricetta got to ride on the back of a MotoGP bike at the British GP last year, she’s been itching to go on her first trackday. We decided to take a bit of a gamble with the weather and book her first trackday, and my first in seven years for this month at Brands Hatch, on the Indy circuit - a good one for a first timer, and nice and close.

Whilst I’ve done a ton of trackdays, I don’t mind admitting I was a little anxious about returning to the track after a seven year absence with a new road-bike and all new gear. I would normally ride in the advanced group, but thought it wise to step back to the Intermediate 2 group to avoid being a mobile chicane for the fast boys. Turns out there was nothing to worry about. I took it easy and worked up through the day, getting to know the bike, building trust in it (and myself).

We were also super lucky, we went to see @B a few days before to get Claire’s Aprilia RS 660 suspension looked at it, and whilst doing that, he said he would come down to the track and check in on us! True to his word, he arrived with Ricky and helped provide some laughs and much-needed suspension tweaks for my Ducati Panigale V2, which was a little too soft on the track. After some minor tweaks of the front and rear, the bike was stable and I was able to get back into the groove with some confidence.

Claire had a great time, she spent the morning getting into the swing of things, then in the afternoon spent some time with an instructor who helped give her some tips and also, some confidence by saying she was doing great, with very little to address this early on in trackday experience.

The weather was perfect. About 17c for most of the day, which was perfect for keeping cool :slight_smile:

Top day in all, a resounding success for Claire’s first trackday. We can’t wait for the next one. We’ve booked Donington Park on the 2nd of May, if anyone is interested in coming along?

Queueing up for noise-testing. 102db static test. The V2 was 102db with stock exhaust.

Reducing the pressures down, ready for the track

@B from BNRS looking after Claire’s bike, helping with tyre pressures

B adjusting my V2’s suspension, firming it up a bit for the track

Couple of vids made with a GoPro 7 and a hard-mount from Evotech Performance.

The day was organised by MSV themselves (owners of many of the UK circuits). They did a great job, both beforehand with the online checking-in and briefing videos, and then on the day with keeping things running smoothly, on-time and cheery.

The only negative was that I wish their professional photography was a bit better though. The photographer missed me from Druids when he moved there and most of the photos are out of focus. Not quite up to the standard.



Happy days

That looks like a fab day for you both and didnt you get lucky with the weather!

I said that I wasn’t going to do any track days this year, but now you’ve got me rethinking that. When’s your next one booked for?

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That bike helmet leathers colour coordination is awesome!

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Donington Park GP, 2nd May with No Limits. Come along :slight_smile:

Matchy matchy :sunglasses:

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Corr the Panigale is stunning isn’t it.

Nice one you two! :clap:

I have never done brands hatch only Donnington cause I am so comfortable with the track. The blind right hander and dip after the straight on Brands hatch makes me anxious :rofl: i have only seen videos but still.

Gotta get my days booked up for this year. Defo want to do a few

You definitely need to get out of that comfort zone you’re holding on to :slight_smile:

You’ll be fine, you just take your time to get to know the circuit. Start slow, get some laps in, learn, learn, build, reflect, have lunch, take some advice, then go do some more building :slight_smile:

Also, turn one at Brands - Paddock Hill is bloody awesome! It’s not blind, it’s actually super easy, you go flat out down the straight, then when you shit yourself as you see the brow coming, you brake, and then you realise you braked WAAAAY to early and see this massive open corner to your right and wonder what the hell you were thinking going so slow into it :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like a good day was had by all, definitely on the to do list

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We’re doing Donington Park GP next week :heart_eyes:

do you still have to do the brifing at home before you go?

ive booked onot brands tomorrow with MSVT and not recieved any emails (only booked it last night though), and not sure if im expected to have watched the video before i turn up in the morning.