Cobra Kai

I’m well into this for some reason. I think it’s all the 80s references and because a lot of the original cast reprised their roles. I even bought a Larusso Auto Group T shirt. If you’ve nothing to watch get a look. It’s on YouTube premium shot in 4K and the first episode is free. You can probably find the others for free too if you look.

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I’ve seen all of Series 1 and think it’s terrific. It probably has much more value to me, as I watched the original Karate Kid 1 & 2 & 3 films as I had started training in 1982. I thought the original Karate Kid film was fantastic.

If you haven’t seen the Karate Kid films, I’d suggest you do so, before watching Cobra Kai.

Oh yes that’s definitely important. You’ll get much more out of it if you watch the films first. If you remember the 80s even more so.

you are both making me feel old! I was old enough to see the first run of those films…

So how old are you?

to old!

Challenges. Try and get through the whole thing without drinking a Coors beer, looking up Challengers on Auto Trader or doing some shadow boxing. I failed on all 3.


Series 3 starts on the 24th of April. I can’t wait. Must make sure I have some Coors in so I can drink when John does. Ali (with an I) is coming back too.

Brilliant. Thanks for the heads up Joby.

My favourite Coors is Sharon

Series 3 just went live today on Netflix.

Lol, I’m already on episode 9

So much nostalgia. The amount of old cast they have found is hilarious. No spoilers though. You won’t need to bring any corn to view it though … It has plenty! Just binge watched episodes 2-5.

Finished series 3 yesterday. So much nostalgia. And I’m so excited to see the next character return in series 4 (won’t say who as it’s a spoiler). My 8 year old self really hated him.

I smashed through this in more or less a day!

Just to balance the equation here…I hated the films, whatsitfaces (Ralph?) accent really got on my nerves, personally I thought he didnt “win” any of the films fights, he was getting his arse kicked, it was one “lucky” strike…

Saying that, my Mrs has been watching the new series and I dipped in here and there just because I was amazed they got some many of the old cast back and it intrigued me, I did find it quite enjoyable.

How about a A-Team or Knight Rider revival ???

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Bring back Monkey Magic i say …


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This show is the gift that keeps on giving. Season 4 they’ve brought the original Terry Silver back.
Martin Kove
as John Kreese is playing a blinder. You’d swear he was pure evil.

they did… well they rebooted it…The New Legends of Monkey (TV Series 2018– ) - IMDb