CNBR Sunday 21st of July in association with Made in Chelsea

Chipping Norton Breakfast Run (CNBR) in association with Made in Chelsea (because I’m leading).

Meet at the Watford Dome Roundabout for an 08:00 sharp departure.

Usual drill, don’t ride like an idiot, don’t film, do observe proper rideout etiquette.

Pace will be steady. This route has many long sections that don’t need to be corner marked so you can hang back and catch up if you want to.

Breakfast in Chipping Norton around 10 if you wish to leave early or if you live near there and want to join for the 2nd half.

I’ve been loving Essex lately, however, I’ve not found the perfect route there yet. Also I can get to the Watford Dome from my house in 30 minutes, whereas Epping Forest tea hut is closer to an hour. I’ll keep working on the Essex stuff but for now we are going to Chipping Norton.

Nice day for it.


Damn it, saw this too late. Nice day for it indeed.

I posted pretty late to be fair. Was a good run as always. The cafe are now serving porridge with fruit since I bought them a bag of porridge.

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